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Get value from your data

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Extract intelligence

Companies in all sectors need to optimize and automate decisions based on the intelligence extracted from their data. Acquiring this competitive advantage is a must for any company that wants to be part of the Artificial Intelligence revolution.

Whether through tactical quick wins, strategic projects or continuous assessment, at we help companies to create their data intelligence capabilities through a mix of Artificial Intelligence and Business Knowledge.

What We Do

Artificial Intelligence services for your business growth

Our team applies Artificial Intelligence techniques to create different applications for your business

Image / Video Recognition

Derive insight from your images and analyze them at scale, find the information inside them:

[]. Object / Brand recognition
[]. Image tagging
[]. Object segmentation

Predictive Analytics

Predict the future behaviour of your most valuable KPI and unsderstand why:

[]. Categorical and numerical predictions
[]. Pattern finding and segmentation
[]. Forecasting

Generative Algorithms

Teach the algorithms to be creative and replicate the reality. Explore how creative algorithm could help your company:

[]. New designs
[]. Creative process
[]. PR campaign

Natural Language Processing

Gather information from open text, understand what your documents and users express:

[]. Document classification and clustering
[]. Topic extraction
[]. Intent classification for chatbots

Who trust us

Clients & Partners & PR

Delivering high standards to top tier players


Agile methodology to accelerate delivers and build incrementally

We work under agile methodologies in short cycles deliveries with aggressive time to market deadlines. Simplicity is key, this is the reason we divided the data pipeline into 4 blocks:

[1]. Scope Definition

Envision possibilities of what can bring value and agreeing on ambitions. We will explore your data and expose viable projects with the highest potential.

[2]. Data Manipulation

Data will be collected and manipulated in order to both gain insights and prepare it for the model development. This step generates valuable business knowledge for our clients.

[3]. Model Development

Using the data from the previous step, different models are trained as part of thousands of iterative experiments. The winner model will be the one that optimizes best the chosen metric.

[4]. Deploy and Impact

In order to exploit the capabilities of the model from the previous step, we will expose it at scale on the cloud (REST API) or in private servers. Tracking the previous results and the model performance is key to measure the business impact.

We rely on the main open source Data Science ecosystems, tools and libraries:

Who we are

People at the core

People are the foundation of's success. Honesty, excellence and trust are our core values and we project them within us and our clients every day. A team of passionate professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence with international experience are looking forward to learn and be challenged.

Not only do we believe in offering great services, we also believe in building an intellectually fulfilling workplace. We push ourselves to do more every day and try to create an environment which fosters innovation, creativity and a sense of fun. We want to achieve great things, together:

Carlos Bort
Co-Founder & CEO

More than 5 years in DS modeling, creating and scaling DS teams. MSc Statisticics @UPC and MSc Actuarial Science @UdBarcelona. BSc Economic Sciences @UdB. 2nd time entrepreneur, National TV speaker.

Marcos Hernandez
Co-Founder & CTO

Created and sold Spain’s first AWS Partner, Celingest. Acquired by the Claranet Group in 2014. Fully AWS certificated DevOps.
Ex-CTO & Co-Founder of Softonic.

Aleix Ruiz de Villa
Lead Data Scientist

PhD in mathematics. Ex Head of Data Science at, SCRM (Lidl) and Onna. Founder of the Barcelona Machine Learning Meetup and Barcelona Causal Inference Association.

Felipe Fernández Atela
Strategy Advisor

Chairman Experian Spain, Chairman of the Board Docomo digital Spain , Board member Másmóvil. Chairman Lapinta Ventures.

Uxío Piñeiro
Deep Learning Fellow

Experience in Deep Learning, researching and developing Computer Vision and Generative Adversarial Networks. Ex-crypto entrepreneur. Software Engineer @UPM.

Jaime Sevilla
Junior Deep Learning Engineer

Experience researching Computer Vision applied to High-Energy Astrophysics. Mathematics and Software Engineering @UCM.

We are hiring Data Scientist (Computer Vision)!

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